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Volunteer Review Sheet

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1.       Be yourself  J. It is our mission to provide a hot meal, a safe warm place to sleep, and fellowship to our guests.

2.       Remember, we are not here to do for our guests but to support our guests. It is important to encourage guests in setting/clearing the table, doing the dishes, putting away the food. All the things that they would be doing in their own homes. Most congregations will have a chore chart for guests to sign up for chores for the week.

3.       Volunteers are NEVER to drive guests in their cars. If a medical emergency arises, call 911 to have the guest transported by ambulance.  Follow the emergency response procedure listed in the host log book.

4.       Our guests are experiencing a stressful time in their lives and the only “private” space they have while in the program is their family room at your congregations. Please respect their privacy; if you must speak to a guest while they are in their room, please be sure to knock and wait for an okay from them to enter. Do not take it personally if the family chooses to spend most of their time in their rooms.

5.       Our guest’s lives continue to happen even though they do not have a place of their own. As in most living situations, there will be disagreements/arguments. Some arguments may occur within a guest family, some may occur between guests not in the same family.  In this situation:

a.       A volunteer’s role is to diffuse the confrontation by directing the individuals involved to take some space and address the issues with the Executive Director or Case Manager in the morning.

b.       Please do not feel responsible to resolve the issue between the individuals. There are often many factors contributing to an outburst that are best resolved by staff.

c.       Should the situation not diffuse, the volunteer should call Executive Director. If unable to reach Executive Director, Case Manger should be called. Let the guests know that you are calling us.

d.      If a situation poses immediate danger to volunteers or guests the volunteer should call the police and then call Beth.

6.       Personal questions can be tough: Please do not put guests in awkward positions by asking personal questions. If guests need to talk, give them the chance but don’t pry. If guests choose to share their personal information with you please respect their confidence and do not share that information with anyone else. Let the guest choose who they share their information with.

7.       Supervision of guest children:

a.       Parents are responsible for their children. All young children must be supervised at all times by their parents. Older children – 12 and over do not have to be in the parent’s sight at all times – their parents will be the ones to determine how they supervise them. That said:

b.      Volunteers cannot be alone with guest children – most especially in a closed room, a bathroom, a bedroom, outside the building or without other volunteers and guests around.

c.       Guest’s children cannot “babysit or watch” other guest’s children.

d.      Congregations and volunteers need to determine their own comfort levels within those guidelines. It will never be black and white, issues will come up I ask that everyone use their best judgement.



Thank you for volunteering for FAMILY PROMISE METROWEST. Our program could not exist without you!

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