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Sleeping Arrangements and Bedding

Page history last edited by Robin Heyden 11 years, 11 months ago

This is the Sleeping Arrangements and Bedding page.



Check out this photo from the Pilgrim Church.  Setting up to get ready to host!



Bedding Storage Idea

Regarding storage of linens, we have a Rubbermaid type bin to hold the bed linens

for each bed (14).  The bin itself will be used beside each bed as a night

table.  Inside each bin is a clean garbage bag.  At the end of our hosting

week, each guest will put their linens inside the garbage bag - inside their

bin.  A volunteer will take home a bin (or as many as desired), wash the

linens and put them back inside the bin along with a clean garbage bag to be

stored in their home until the next hosting week.  Donna Keesling, our

"Guest Room Coordinator" came up with this idea and we think it's a good



Christ the King Lutheran in Holliston



What does each host need to provide?

The Network will provide beds. These will travel in the van from church to church.

Beth suggests each church purchase the necessary 

additional supplies to remain and be laundered at the church.

Each church will provide:

sheets, pillows and pillow cases, towels, mattress pads and/or covers (these 

aren't totally necessary), lighter blankets,  and vinyl mattress covers. Each church is responsible for

laundering these items on their own.

The beds are full size twin - 39" by 75".


Christ Lutheran, Natick


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